New Features Windows Phone 7 update of spring

During this year, Windows Phone 7 will receive a great number of updates asked for by the users to improve the yield of the devices in all the aspects, the first update programmed for this same spring podra to be unloaded from the software of Zune and will count on important new features like:

Copy and To Beat: In a moment the users of Windows Phone 7 will be able to copy the text of the e-mails, text messages, webpages, documents of Office 2010, and next, to stick it anywhere.

The use to copy and to beat is easy and intuitive.

+ Toca of the word

+ Desliza the finger to emphasize the additional text

+ Toca the icon To Copy

+ to insert the text, touch the place where you want to go, and press the button to beat.

It Is a fast form to send to somebody his last update of Facebook, directions of maps, or to visit a connection of Internet Explorer Mobile (that will be updated to IE9 Mobile in a few months, and whose new characteristics we will discover more in the blog it advanced).

Once you have copied something, you will be able to stick it repeated times.

The new characteristic is added to the list of short cuts already constructed in Windows Phone 7.

Improvement in the yield of the Apps and games: In this update, Microsoft has trimmed the time in executing the applications and games to obtain that the users feel a easier and fast interface.

Improved the search in the Marketplace: Microsoft has tried to simplify the searches in the Marketplace so that the specific users can find Apps, games or music.

+ Pulsa the button search in the applications or games of the Marketplace and you will be able to worry a better result with the new web search engine.

+ Pulsa the button search in the musical section of the Marketplace and obtén a catalog filled with songs.

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