Aid, technical support and remote assistance of Windows 7

Microsoft Windows is it jeopardize to give the best technical support to its products, or in the forums of Microsoft TechNet, MSDN, Microsoft Answer, Windows Live Help, or by means of the technical support by several routes (online, chat, telephone) where the professionals of Microsoft will solve all doubts.

But they are not you are the only forms to find the solution to your problems of the Microsoft Windows products

In our writing-desk of Windows 7 we can find two fantastic resources that will help to find the solution us that as much we longed for, I am speaking of the aid/technical support and the remote assistance of Windows.

Aid and technical Support: Click in Beginning - > All the programs - > Maintenance - > Aid and technical support.

1. A window in the writing-desk will be opened to us that incopora a space search to find our problem.

2. Once we have found for solution to the problem, in the part of underneath the same window we will observe the message�Was to Him useful this information� and we will choose one of the three options.

3. In the window of Aid and technical support we will go to Options - > Configuration, and will click in the squares “To Participate in the program of improvement of Aid “and “To Improve the results of the search “

4. If we have not found the solution to our problems, we will go to� More options of technical support� in the part inferior of the window. There we will find all the information necessary to be able to contact with the experts who can approach the problem.

Remote Assistance of Windows: Click in Beginning - > All the programs - > Maintenance - > Remote Assistance of Windows.

The remote assistance of Windows has been created in order that a professional or met the receiver has access to his PC to solve he himself the posed problem. The main difference between the remote assistance of Windows and the Connection to Remote desktop software is aside from the design, that in the Connection to Remote desktop software only has access to the remote PC the person who has connected herself, being the remote PC with the screen in target and blocked any external person, and in the Remote Assistance of Windows both subjects can interact and control the equipment.

1. Before opening the Remote Assistance of Windows, we must go to Beginning - > Control Panel - > All the elements of the Control Panel - > System - > Configuration of Remote Access.

2. When doing click us abrira a new window and we will mark the square� To Allow connections of Remote Assistance to this equipment “.

3. When opening Remote Assistance of Windows we will be with two options:

* To Invite a confidence person to help him

* To Help a person who asked for her attendance.

Both options offer the possibility of using a file of invitation or a easy connection generating a code or for the emitter like for the receiver.

4. From which the connection begins, you will be able to open the chat that incoporta and to form some details of the connection as the use of the bandwidth.

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