It Activates the voice recognition of Windos 7

Windows 7 incorporates a very valuable utility with which we will be able to control our system so that it conducts almost all the own battles of a keyboard and a mouse but by means of the voice.

The only thing that we needed is to have connected some microphones to the equipment already are:

* Microphone with earpieces; It takes It in the head and is adapted for the voice recognition.
* Microphone; These microphones lean in the writing-desk.
* Others; Like microphones of matrix and microphones incorporated in other devices.

1. Click in Beginning - > All the programs - > Accessory - > Accessibility - > Voice Recognition of Windows
2. Will be opened to us to the information tool giving us something on the possibility that offers, you click in Following.
3. In the following page we will choose our type of Microphone, next the tool will ask to us that we read aloud and of natural form a marked phrase to be able to fit the volume of the Microphone.
4. After fitting the volume, we will have the possibility Of Improving the precision of the voice recognition and will mark the square “To Qualify the document revision “.
5. We Will Choose the method to as much activate the tool, being able to be with activation manual as an activation by voice.
6. Finally the ofrecera tool us the possibility of printing the reference sheet so that we know all the list compandos to which the equipment can respond. Veála here:
7. The voice recognition will be ready to be used in our Windows 7.

After closing the configuration window a tutorial will be opened to us in which it will explain the basic aspects to us to use the voice recognition (dictated, commandos, button of the microphone, options of voice, summarize, measurer of audio…)
Once opened the tool we will be able to form all options to our taste and to close it when we want to return to use our equipment of form manual.

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