New Features Windows Home Server 2011 Candidate Is Reread

Today Microsoft has announced the availability of the version Rereads Candidate (RC) of the new generation of Windows Home Server.

The stage of Rereads Candidate assures to the lifted consumer some standard of quality besides introducing new characteristics:

Remote Access: Now the remote access is based on Silverlight and has a greater degree of extensibility in the ki of development of software (SDK), which allows to major personalization level, gadgets, accessories, extensions…

Transmission Range: One of the new more important characteristics is the improvement of the remote transmission of means through Internet so that each user can practically accede to his archives multimedia from any place.

Page of Remote Access: Windows Home Server 2011 will allow him to personalize the predetermined image, logo of the website and to even add bonds to other websites in the main page.

HomeGroup Support: HomeGroup is a characteristic of Windows 7 that simplifies the process to share archives and printers in a domestic network, now Windows Home Server 2011 will facilitate the centralization to him of a place where it will be able to store all documents, archives and content multimedia.

Streaming Support: Windows Home Server 2011 has a ampler range of codec which will allow him to transmit more containing than the previous version. If the content is not reproducible in a device, the main servant will be in charge to codify the archives of audio and video to different compatible formats.

Windows Phone 7: Windows Home Server 2011 incorporates a complement for Windows Phone 7 that will allow him to work from the device.

Backup copies: Windows Home Server 2011 is able to create a backup copy of the backup copy base of the PC client, being allowed to incorporate backup copies of its equipment to protect the servant being able to store them outside the device,

Migration of data in shared folders: The control of the data of the user is very important and to move them never has been so easy. The assistant “Move to folder� allows to change the data of the unit of the hard disk of a servant to another different unit.

Better Control: From the control panel of Windows Home Server the 2011 user will be able to carry out all the tasks of administration and maintenance necessary to control the behavior of the main servant.

Facility of access: The Launchpad that executes in each equipment client of its domestic network, provides a way simple to have all the appropriate permissions to have access to its shared folders, to initiate a backup copy, to connect themselves to the page of remote access or to open the board of commandos.

Unloading WHS 2011 RC:

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