Like creating a new alias with Windows Live Hotmail?

Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail finishes announcing in public the incorporation of a new characteristic with which we will be able to create and to manage multiple alias of e-mail from a single Hotmail account.

The equipment of Hotmail now offers the capacity to create up to 5 alias/year of a total of 15 alias with which we can turn aside our mail so that more to our needs adapts, for example: A direction can be used to look for work and another different one to buy in line. Of that form, the messages sent to those alias will be able to keep in independent folders. staying centralized with our direction of main mail.

Another objective to fulfill that Windows Live Hotmail has seted out with this new characteristic is the improvement of our privacy since many users do not want that the people added to a new alias know the direction main mail.

For it we must realize the following steps:

1. To Enter Windows Live Hotmail - > Click in our name - > Cuenta - > Other options - > Directions of e-mail - > Escribimos in Internet Explorer and we refreshed.

2. In “Creating an alias of Hotmail� we will obtain our new direction and directly it will appear to us a window in Windows Live Hotmail warning to us that our alias is being formed.

3. We Will Choose the location to which we want Hotmail sends the incoming mail of our new alias.

4. Finalized all the steps, Windows Live Hotmail will send an e-mail to us to our main direction having given more details us of this new functionality.

5. In Order to eliminate some of our alias, we must go to and only click in Clearing.

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