Agreement with the main blog on Microsoft technologies in Portugal

Today I have the pleasure to announce the beginning in the collaborative agreement with the main blog on Microsoft technologies in Portugal, directed by Dark Brown Whistles (MVP Windows Expert Consumer) has been positioned like the reference blog on Microsoft in Portugal counting on the support of the subsidiary.

Since Microsoft Spain-Portugal maintains relation in many aspects like the recent Springboard tour Series Tour 2011 or the TTT-MVP Day Open, the idea arose to unite our blogs, thus we will be able to include a field I extend more of Microsoft in these two countries. The agreement is not only limited a total promotion between both average ones during 1 year, but it extends to technical articles, internal promotions, programs, contests, events, chats and many projects more than will be able in march throughout the year… and that as of today will put their sand granite to fortify the relation between these two headquarters of Microsoft.

The first step before the announcement has been the creation of a list in Twitter so that all the enthusiastic employees, professionals, students and of Microsoft Spain-Portugal interact.

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