Microsoft Windows and the Security Online

The tool Parental Control allows to maintain a registry you of that they do, speaks, listens to or sees your children in the network but giving them to certain degree of independence while candles by its security.

Microsoft has put at the disposal of all the users a website to report all the unsuitable content lodged in its services and products

Windows 7:  In all the editions of the operating system Windows 7, we can create separated accounts for each member of the family.

Using the Parental Control we will be able:

* To Specify the exact day and the time that our children can use the PC.

* To Prevent the use with certain video-games being based on the title, content, or age ranking.  In Addition we have the total capacity to block certain programs to our children - for example, financial programs of our company.

* In Order direct ensure communications between the tool of Parental Control and our children, the icon will be always visible so that they can recognize easily that they can or not use.

* You Can use Windows Media Center in Windows 7 to see and to record TV in your PC. The incorporated Parental Control will help us to restrict certain recordings based on the ranking that they obtain (lenguage offensive, sexual content or violence).

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Windows Live Essentials 2011:  Windows Live is a set of services online that includes Hotmail and Messenger.

In Order to have a control of these Windows Live services Infantile Protection it will allow you:

* The possibility of approving or a new contact with which your son is wanted to communicate although is not outside the equipment in the home.

* To Block the websites that we specify, being allowed youngest visiting sites only apt for children.

* To Generate individual information of each member of the family able to show all the information about the websites that have visited and the time that happened in them.

* To Activate the filters of security of the most popular web search engines like Bing.

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