It Discovers the benefits of Windows Anytime Upgrade

Windows Anytime Upgrade is the best way to transfer our version from Windows 7 to more powerful other, the update is very simple and you will not change to your archives nor the personal configuration, and to only it will take about 15 minutes you.

Note: It Is necessary to have a key WAU of 25 digits apt for the version of Windows 7 to which we want to update that you will be able to find in the product box or the new PKC to a price inferior than the generic edition of Windows 7 would cost.

1. Of Windows 7 Starter to Premium Home - Ideal for people who want to personalize their PC netbook with subjects, photos and to enjoy the entertainment in any lugar.* Personalization: You Will Be Able to personalize your writing-desk with your own photos, subjects and sounds.
* Previous Vista live: When you place the leader of the mouse on the bar of tasks you will see the miniatures of all the open windows.
* Improvement: You Will Be Able to more easily manage the open windows and the programs with Aero Snap, Shake and Peek.

2. Of Windows 7 Premium Home to Professional - Ideal for people who want to use their PC to work in any place of faster and safe form.

* Windows XP Mode: You Will Be Able to use almost any program of Windows XP in your PC.
* Backup copy outposts and restoration: It Realizes automatic backup copies of data of the networks and external hard disks.
* Configuration of presentation: You Will Be Able to present of more professional way and to quickly connect your works to different projectors.
* Based File System: You Will Obtain one helps to protect valuable information with a based fort.
* To Be United to a dominion: You Will Be Able to be connected to the enterprise networks and easily safe.

3. Of Windows 7 Premium Home to Complete to you - Ideal for people who want to use all the options and potential that to them Windows 7 in its PC offers.

* Multi-Language Support: It Enjoys the 35 languages available in different users who you will be able to unload from Windows Update.
* BitLocker: To Protect your data with the robbery with the aid of a powerful coding.

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