New Features Windows Internet Explorer 9 Candidate Is Reread

Microsoft finishes announcing the availability of the version Rereads Candidate de Internet Explorer 9 that incopora important improvements in the yields and new characteristics.

In Order to begin the equipment of Internet Explorer it has decided to create a more cleaning user interface thanks to the new positions in the bellboys of navigation and to the new utility to place the eyelashes, but more important they are the new functionalities that to us as much Internet Explorer offers 9 RC in the matter of security, yield and compatibility:
* Protection of Pursuit: Certain content of some websites is used for the pursuit of their activity while you sail by the network, with this new tool of Internet Explorer 9 we can limit the information of our navigator with the website to maintain our safer private information.
* Filter of ActiveX: The technology of ActiveX allows the developers to create interactive content in its websites, but they also can suppose a risk for our security. Internet Explorer 9 RC allows to block the ActiveX controls for all the websites, and to revert the process only in the sites that are of our confidence with the new filtrate tool.
* Administrator of unloading with SmartScreen filter: Internet Explorer 9 has a manager of unloadings with a powerful filter of protection able to eliminate the unnecessary warnings to known archives, and to show the most severe warnings when the unloading has a greater risk of being malicious. With the new manager of unloadings, it is easy to see the progress, the content opened of the same and to cancel it at a certain time.
* Recovery System: This new characteristic of Internet Explorer 9 isolates the impact of the freezing in a concrete eyelash of the navigator of such form that does not affect to the others and can continue working while the recovery system tries to resolve the problem of the problematic eyelash.
* GeolocalizaciĂłn: Internet Explorer 9 RC incorporates this new characteristic that allows the applications Web to accede to our geographic situation thanks to the information that offers the PC to him on which it is working.
Besides these new functionalities of the version Candidate Is Reread and of which they are present from the beta version like (HTML5, Views de Compatibilidad, SVG, Chakra, F12 Development Tool), Microsoft has obtained that Internet Explorer 9 is the perfect pair of Windows 7 in 2011 thanks to characteristics like:
* Anchored Sites: Now we can anchor and accede to our websites preferred from the bar of tasks, in addition when opening the website from the bar of tasks, this will show the bellboys of navigation with a tonality of predominant color in the website so that he is easily recognizable.
* Jumplist: With the Jumplists we can conduct fast operations like creating an e-mail message, to review our tray of entrances, to accept the invitation of a friend or to directly see the last news without having to open to Internet Explorer 9 RC.
* Windows Aero Snap: Internet Explorer 9 is designed to use practically all the navigator in the visualization of the website, being reduced to the maximum the marks of navigation and eyelashes, but in addition taking advantage of this new characteristic Windows 7, we will be able to visualize two window different from side from side.
* Bar of notifications: Microsoft has decided to reduce to the minimum the amount of notifications to avoid the distractions of the user and to offer a calmer navigation. But when he is indispensable that Internet Explorer 9 RC warns to us of something with a notification, this same one will totally be placed in the part inferior of the window with a clear and precise text allowing us to continue with navigation.
* Eyelashes: For the users who were interested in the disposition of an additional space to place their eyelashes, Internet Explorer 9 RC has a kept surprise to them and is that with the new version we can place the eyelashes in a separated space of the bar of directions.
Note: These and many more new features are available in the new version of Internet Explorer 9, to that delays to prove it…
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