How to diminish the time of the previsualizations in Windows 7?

Many users who use Windows 7 notice an excessive time of delay at the time of showing the previsualizations in the bar of tasks of Windows 7, and he is not for less because 400 milliseconds although seem little is enough to the rate with which we handled our PC nowadays.

In Order to change this loss of time, we only must realize the following steps:

1. Beam click in Beginning - > In the picture of looks for writes “regedit� - > Haz click in accepting when it has it.

2. Direct you to the following route: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Mouse

3. Next, we will see a list of entrances in the right panel - > Haz click in MouseHoverTime

4. It Modifies its value of 400ms to 0ms so that the retardation in showing the previsualizations does not exist.

5. It Closes regedit and it reinitiates the equipment to see the changes.

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