[Solved] Error Internet Explorer 9 - it has stopped working

Many of you you ask from the section of http://windows2000advantage.com/consulta/ consultation or in the forums of Microsoft TechNet like solving this error that can be produced by several reasons, but generally it is due to subject of incompatibilities or with add-ONS or other programs of the PC.

Well, to solve it, we must follow these steps:

1. We Must direct a to us:  Beginning - > Control Panel - > Networks and Internet - > Options of Internet - > Options Outposts - > Restablezca the configuration of IE9 RC to its predetermined state.

2. Once you have realized these steps, it initiates Internet Explorer 9 RC and it verifies that everything works.

3. If we continued having the same error, we will go a: Beginning - > All the programs - > Accessory - > Tools of the system - > Internet Explorer (without accessories)

4. Once we execute it, we must be kind if everything well it goes and we do not have the same error that in the version with accessories, if it is this case and everything works correctly means that some add-on is causing to some conflict in Internet Explorer 9 RC.

5. Then we will stay in Internet Explorer (without accessories), and will go a: Tools - > Administrar accessories - > Barra de Herramientas and extensions.

Note: Down you will have to be activated the option: To Show All the Accessories - > Selecciona all making click in 1 and later ctrl+a - > Deshabilitalos - > Cierra Internet Explorer (without accessories)

6. It Opens Internet Explorer 9 Rereads Candidate and everything would have to work correctly.
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