How to form the filter of mail nonwished in Windows Live Hotmail?

In certain occasions Windows Live Hotmail it does not respond to our mandates to take to some account of Windows Live or multitude of them to the folder of mail nonwished by diverse reasons with his consequent annoyances.

In Order to solve it we must realize the following steps:

1. It Initiates session in Windows Live Hotmail - > Haz click in the right part of the screen in� Options� - > More Options

2. Once arrived at this point we must choose the option To Avoid mail nonwished� Sending insurances and blocked� - > Sending blocked

3. To Assure to us that the account of Windows Live that is giving problems us is in the list of all the senders and dominions nonwished.

4. If this it is not the case, we can add the account manually.

If the continuous problem persisting, we can go a:

1. Windows Live Hotmail - > Options - > More Options - > Evitar mail nonwished� Filters and information�

2. We Must choose the filter of wished mail� Exclusive� not being this most restrictive one concerning possible threats.

Note: If you choose the filter of wished mail� Exclusive� emails coming from your allowed contacts or senders will not only appear in your tray of entrance those.

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