9 RC with the new one Complete Internet Explorer to toolbar of Bing

The equipment of Bing has announced the availability of the new Bing Bar optimized for Internet Explorer 9.

Bing New Features Bar v7.0:

* Simpler and compact Design, rejecting the empty spaces.

* Optimized for Internet Explorer 9 following the same line that the area of notifications, that is to say, reducing the usuary capacity of distracciĂłndel while it sails.

* Bing Maps: The powerful system of mapeo by satellite of Bing has been integrated in the new bar permitiendonĂłs to accede without moving to us of our eyelash to different points from the planet.

* Meteorological Time: The new bar contains a tool able to give all the information us on the meteorological time of next the 5 days of the place in which we lived by defect, besides including the capacity to know the time any city of the world being used the bar search that incorporates.

* Integration of the e-mail: We Can accede directly to our e-mail of Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail and refresh it when we want directly from the bar.

* Integration with Facebook: Now we can accede directly to our plank, photos, messages, the news, alert or events from the bar of bing and receive all the notifications right away.

* Bar search: In the central part of the bar, we were with the space search that it uses the motor of Bing.

* MSN Video: Now we can accede directly to the videos in line that to us MSN offers, already are of music, trailers of films, the news, sports.

* New Bing Translator: One of the most important new features is the renewed tool of Bing Translator, being now more powerful than ever incorporating 35 different languages.

Besides these new features the new bar of incopora Bing a set of options to form I extend enough it for toolbar.

Bing Bar v7.0 offers the option to help us Microsoft to improve the experience of the program and the capacity to directly send our feedback to the development equipment from the last options of configuration.

Bing Unloading Bar v7.0 from here: http://toolbar.discoverbing.com/es-ES/toolbar

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