To Reclaim contacts and e-mails eliminated in Windows Live Hotmail

With the arrival of new the Windows Live Hotmail we can reclaim our lost contacts or eliminated without having to put to us in contact with the technical service of Windows Live, that yes, the contacts that have been eliminated for more than 30 days could not manually be reclaimed by the user.

It Follows these steps to reclaim your eliminated contacts:

1. Direct to you to and you initiate session with the account of Windows Live in which you had the lost contacts.

2. Beam click in Administering - > Restaurar eliminated contacts

3. Next Windows Live will show to a list of your eliminated contacts - > to you Elige those contacts that you want to recover clicking in the button� To Recover�

4. When you recover to a contact, you will have to again add it like friend in Windows Live.

Note: The contacts that were synchronous from Facebook or some other service of third parties will not be available in the list of reclaimed contacts.

With respect to the e-mails, these can be eliminated by different causes (accidental elimination, filtrate software of Spam of third parties, counts inactive or by errors during the maintenance of the Hotmail servant) and the technical support from Windows Live will be the one in charge to recover them whenever it is possible.

It Follows these steps to reclaim your eliminated post office:

1. Pontesen contact with the technical service of Windows Live Hotmail here

2. We Choose Hotmail as product and we marked our problem of elimination of post office.

3. The equipment of Windows Live will try to recover the post office of the Windows Live account that we introduce to send the request.

4. The success of the recovery is proportional while it has passed since the post office were eliminated, being a margin of less than 24 hours the optimal one.

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