Windows Live Messenger turns 11 years…

Congratulations to all the equipment of Windows Live Messenger

How to accelerate the dull one of Windows 7?

When we get ready to extinguish the equipment, the closed system gradually each process opened in a considered time of 12 seconds altogether by defect, but we can change the configuration and reduce this time until the 8 seconds.

In Order to do this we must go to Inicio> Ejecutar and write regedit - > Enter.

The Publisher of the Registry will open itself to us, we will have to locate the following route in the left part

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control

Being selected to the folder Control, in the right part of the window double we will find WaitToKillServiceTimeout, as we can see the S-value of 12000ms that is to say, 12 seconds, doing click in WaitToKillServiceTimeout we will change this value by the one of 8000ms and with these steps we will reduce the dull time of our system Windows 7.

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