Windows Live + Windows Phone 7 in your cloud

All we know that Windows Live Essentials 2011 has potential enormous, that always helps to be creative and products us and where we want, but to this suite we add to a device with Windows 7 Phone the result to him is incredible. In this article we are going to concentrate in the options online that to us Windows Live offers directed to Windows Phone 7.

First that we must do is to initiate session in Windows Live Home and to direct to us to, we will find perfect integration with Windows Live Mesh there and also with our device with WP7 (previously of to have formed our Windows Live YOU GO in him), thence we will be able to practically administer everything what happens in our device.

We Will Be Able to visualize the photos in that we have realized from our Windows Phone 7 and raised Windows Live Skydrive, besides directly sharing them with the people who we even want in other social networks publishing the necessary permissions.

We Will Be Able to see our improvements and new features of Xbox Live, our transformation and score, besides playing online with other players with the direct access that incorporates to we will be able to also publish our transformation from and automatically it will be updated in our Xbox360

From home of the device in Windows Live also we can add appointments, meetings, tasks, dates or plans in our calendar originating of the notifications that we took from the device in

We Will Be Able to see the notes of Microsoft OneNote 2010 that previously we have synchronous from our device with the HUB of Office 2010 to Windows Live Skydrive and to publish them in our PC with Windows 7

Note: Next Windows Phone 7 will receive updates to be able to also synchronize Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel 2010

Also we will be able to see all the contacts that we have of Windows Live, make a backup copy of the same, publish them and update them in the equipment, besides all this always we will have a guide of Windows Phone 7 that will give to advice and direct links us to secure more information of the product.

With respect to the always important subject of the security, this integration offers great advantages to us, we will only have to click of home of Windows Live of the device to Finds my telephone:

To Locate in a map: Automatically Windows Live will locate in a map with the technology of Bing our device in any place of the planet

To Call: We Will Be Able to call to our device, and to make that during a minute it sounds a preformed special tone although the telephone is in way silence or vibration

To Block: We Will Be Able to block from our house the device, or to write a note that directly appears in screen so that the person who finds it can give back it to you

To Erase: It Eliminates all the information of the devices and restores the predetermined values of factory that contains from Windows Live Home

It Remembers that from you will be able to administer the configuration of your device with Windows Phone 7 so that adapts better to your needs…

Note: If you want to know more on this subject and to discover other services that comprise of the personal cloud that Microsoft has created for the consumer, next day 24 of May to the 16:00 I will do webcast in Microsoft TechNet on the Cloud Personnel, you can be registered in

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