Dynamic Subjects of Bing for Windows 7

The equipment of Microsoft Windows has returned to send a new dynamic subject that every week will be updated automatically by means of RSS Feed with two new bottoms coming from Bing.

This type of subjects will allow us to have our dynamic bottoms cotinĂşamente, its operation is very simple we only must subscribe us to source RSS of the subject, and whenever we are connected to Internet they will unload new bottoms automatically to us when these are added the servant of subjects of Microsoft.

We Will Be Able to alter to the order or the speed of the presentation of the slides as well as to eliminate it as if outside a simple subject.

Note: The first time that we apply a dynamic subject in our writing-desk we will observe that this it will appear in black during about 30 seconds, but you do not worry everything is normal, is the time that takes the RSS Feed in unloading the attached archives of the subject.

In the next Microsoft months it will send more dynamic subjects coming from Bing so you are kind!

You Can unload the dynamic subject of Bing from here http://windows.microsoft.com/es-ES/windows/downloads/bing-dynamic-theme

In Order to personalize to your taste Windows 7 you must go to the gallery of personalization of Microsoft Windows http://windows.microsoft.com/es-ES/windows/downloads/personalize, will find subjects, bottoms of screen and gadgets.

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