Your Windows Live Ties YOU GO to Windows 7

In Windows 7, the users of a domestic network, can choose to share data, like archives multimedia, between selected equipment of individual form for each user, completing the characteristic Group Home available in Windows 7.

If it has an account in line, as an e-mail account, can tie that account with the account of user of Windows 7. The entailment of these accounts offers the several advantages:

* Other people can share archives with us in a Group Home by means of the identifier in line instead of to have to create an account of user of Windows in our equipment.
* We Will Be Able to use the identifier in line to have access to our information in other equipment of a network, with this we will be able for example to have access from our work to our archives in the PC of our home.

Note #1: In Order to use this characteristic, the equipment that wishes to use to share archives must comprise of a Gupo Home
Note #2: The capacity to tie its identifiers in line with its account of user of Windows does not include in Server Windows 2008 R2

In Order to add a proovedor of identifiers in line:

1. Beam click in Beginning - > Control Panel - > Cuentas of user and infantile protection - > Cuentas of user

2. Beam click in Tying identifiers in line

3. Beam click in the button To Add a proovedor of identifiers in line, you will be redirigido to, next it follows the steps that are described to you there.

4. Once you have the proovedor of identifier in line (recommended Windows Live YOU GO) you will have to initiate session with your account of user and password.

Note: If you want to know more on this subject and to discover other services that comprise of the personal cloud that Microsoft has created for the consumer, next day 25 of May to the 16:00 I will do webcast in Microsoft TechNet on the Cloud Personnel, you can be registered in

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