How to reinstate easy Windows 7 and quickly?

1# First steps: In the language screen, you click in the drop-down list Format hour and currency, next it chooses Spanish (Spain, the International). Later, you click in the Following button, and To Install now.

2# Seleccionar hard disk: Lee and accepts the licensing agreement, and punctures in Following and Customized (outpost). he Chooses your partition of Windows or hard disk and chooses Options of unit. Beam click in Formatting, reads the warning and beats Yes to begin.

3# Installation: When puncturing in Following the process of installation of Windows will begin, so you will be able to relax some moments while it takes to end. When Windows finishes reinitiates the equipment, the CD/DVD ignores the message to take desdde.
4# Basic Ajustes: It Introduces the first name of user of your profile and the one of the equipment (the second will identify your PC in the network). Beam click in Following, writes a password and a track to remember it. It Beats Following and it keys your product key of Windows. To Read more�

Windows to 7/Server 2008 R2 SP1 RTM Blocker Toolkit

This tool allows the companies to temporarily block the Service Pack 1 that will come via Windows Update.

It Is tool can be used with:

* Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (valid during 12 months from the general announcement of Service Pack)
* Server Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (valid during 12 months from the general announcement of Service Pack)

This set of tools is formed by 3 components. All of them work mainly to activate or to deactivate a specific key of the Registry that is used to detect and to block the unloading of Service Pack de Windows Update. You only must use the component that better adapts to the infrastructure of the computer science organization.

* Script - Group ADM - feasible Application signed by Microsoft

1. The feasible one creates a key of the Registry in the equipment in which it is executed that it blocks or it unblocks (following the option of line of commandos is used) the delivery of a Service Pack to the PC through Windows Update. The used key is HKLM \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ WindowsUpdate. To Read more�

How to close your account of Windows Live Hotmail?

For reasons of security, the proprietors of the accounts Windows Live Hotmail only can realize the following steps.

He Follows the following instructions to close your account:

1. Visit
2. It Initiates session with your account and password of Windows Live Hotmail.
Beam click in Closing Account. All the messages will be permanently elimiados and those that command to you as of that moment will be rejected.

Next, your direction e-mail will be blocked during 270 days, passed the same any other person will be able to use it.

If you want to reactivate your account once closed you will have it to do within the first 270 days.
Note: Following these steps only you will close the service e-mail, Windows Live YOU GO associate to your account will be active until 365 days pass. If you want to accede to any other service of Windows Live YOU GO, you will have to use a new account.

How to personalize your PC with Windows 7?

It Changes the image of your account of user

You Can change the image that appears in the name of user in the menu Beginning. It Uses the following procedure:

1. Beam click in the button Beginning and, next, clicks in the image that is in the part superior of the menu of Beginning.

2. Beam click in Changing image.

3. Beam click in the image to use and, next, you click in Changing image. Or, if you wish to use his own image, you click in Looking For more images…, and finds the image that wishes to use, you click in him and, next, you click in Opening.

It Changes the bottom of the writing-desk

It Changes to the paper carpet of the screen (also denominated to wallpapper) can be an image of his personal collection or one that comes with Windows 7 by defect. If you prefer it, also you can select a solid color for the screen bottom. It Uses the following procedure:

1. Beam click in the right button of the mouse on an empty space of the writing-desk and, next, you click in Personalizing. To Read more�

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