To Solve to problems with Adobe Player Flash and Silverlight in Internet Explorer 9

Finally! The final version has already arrived from Internet Explorer 9 with which you will be able to undergo a new experience Web.

The data do not deceive, Internet Explorer 9 is positioned like the best navigator in all the senses for the users who use 7 Windows or Windows Vista.

Nevertheless many users have been reporting and undergoing an error that concerns to the form to visualize the Web which they need Adobe Flash Player or Silverlight for his correct operation, the problem is that once is had installed these two accessories, whenever becomes to load some page that need them, IE9 returns to ask to them that they install it repetitively.

1. Well, first that you must do it is to assure to you that you have installed Adobe Flash Player 10,2 4 and Silverlight

2. Once you have them installed in your equipment and you return to receive the message so that you return them to install in IE9, to make sure that website is not activated the ActiveX control in that.

3. ActiveX is a technology integrated in many of the main websites to improve the navigation experience. It Can be used to reproduce videos and animations, as well as to visualize certain types of archives. However, ActiveX can also suppose risks it security and to slow down the equipment.

The filtrate ActiveX de Internet Explorer 9 can also help to make decisions substantiated about any control from ActiveX that you execute when allowing you to block the controls of ActiveX of all the sites and, next, to only activate those of the confidence sites. This contributes to a greater protection against dangerous and little trustworthy controls deActiveX.

4. You Will Find if the ActiveX control is qualified in IE9 fixing you to the bar search where you will see an icon circulate blue that it says� In this site filters content� in the same note will find the button for deshabilitarlo.

5. Once deshabilitado IE9 it will not return to you to notify more never than you must install Adobe again Flash Player or Silverlight.

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