It Explores the advantages of Windows 7 against Mac OS X

Obtén the best price
In a PC with Windows the 7 users will obtain a better PC by less money.

Obtén more by your money: With Windows 7 you will find a PC with better engineering specifications and reduced prices more against a Mac with similar characteristics.

Windows Live Essentials 2011: Windows 7 is the perfect pair of the new suite of Windows Live, the set of tools in line and programs that work together to help us to create, to connect and to share in the cloud.

More options to choose
You Will Be Able to obtain the ideal PC for you, with the size, design and benefits that adapt to your lifestyle.

More options: Windows 7 is in PCs with a great variety of sizes and formats and with different configurations from hardware reason why you will be able to find a PC that is adapted for your needs.

More compatibility
That simple, if you use Windows 7 you will discover a world of compatible software and hardware for your PC.

Everything works: The great majority of the equipment that develops software destines it to Windows 7.

More programs: Mac is compatible just by 12 of the 25 main financial programs, 12 of the 25 better programs of businesses, and 11 of the 25 main games.

It Connects your devices: Practically all the devices, from cameras to printers happening through Xbox 360 and televisions will be able to work in your equipment.

Microsoft Windows in family Lives
The equipment that is easier to use normally is the one that already you know like using.

Forget to you the learning courses: Whereas some can say that the Macs are easy to use, the reality is that the users need to learn as works this S.O.

It Works easier: Windows 7 incorporates great characteristics to improve navigation in the escritorior (Aero Snap, Peek, Shake…) - characteristic that the Mac do not have.

Amuse to you!
The equipment with Windows 7 is designed to work always correctly are very workers, but they also try to amuse his users. With his PC you will be able to see, to slow down, to rewind and to record TV programs, or to play the most popular games.

Ready to play: The majority of the most popular games of the world is available only for PCs.

Ready for great screens: Many PCs with Windows 7 is designed to connect itself directly to the televisions, so you will be able to see films and photos in great screens. The majority of the Mac cannot be connected to the televisions unless you buy a knapsack in a converter, by all means to additional cost.

The home and the work are united
Everything is easier if the majority of the equipment of your office and home executes Windows 7.

It Connects: With Windows Live Mesh, you can synchronize and make backup copies of documents, photos, films and many more things from several PCs.

Protection: With Windows 7 Complete to you, the clients can base all HDD unlike the Mac.

To Share is easier
Half of the diversion that is generated when having an equipment is to be able to share your things with other people.

It Sends hundreds of photos in an only email: With 7 Windows and Windows Live Mail 2011 you will be able to compatir a total of 200 photos in hi-res in an only email.

Chat in HD: Windows Live Messenger 2011 you will be able to enjoy videollamadas in HD your relatives and friendly thanks to the new technologies that incorporate the new generation of PCs.

Designed to share: Photos, films, archives of music and other documents can easily be synchronous through PCs, being automatically updated in the teams of the different users who want to enjoy them.

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