It Explores the translator of conversation of Microsoft Lync 2010

The new translator of conversation of Microsoft Lync 2010, also known by Lync-Guistic is a complement developed by Microsoft Research and the equipment of Microsoft Lync that from its launching the past 3 of June allows all the users of Microsoft Lync to translate its incoming and salient messages in 35 languages thanks to the technology of the translator of Bing.

Once installed this complement, you will only have to initiate session in Microsoft Lync and to direct to more options - > to you Translator of Conversation, once is activated the complement you will be able to select the corresponding languages, as much the yours own one as the one of your contact. To Read more�

Results Microsoft market share

Company OPSWAT has realized a study at global level of several products (anti-virus, operating systems, clients of instantaneous mail) of great companies, leaving to Microsoft in a superb position as we see next in the results of the first months of the year:

With respect to the global market of the anti-virus, Microsoft thanks to the distribution by means of Windows Update and integration in Internet Explorer 9 it locates to his gratuitous anti-virus in 4ª position at global level growing a 11.24%, and being the first gratuitous anti-virus of all the list. In Addition one becomes the anti-virus used independent of the price in the EE.UU. Leer more�

It Explores the Kinect SDK Beta for Windows 7

Today Microsoft has announced in an event through Chanel 9 the arrival of the kit of development of software (SDK) of Kinect for Windows 7. SDK includes the controllers of the devices Kinect, as well as the APIs, interfaces of the device, documentation and other materials.

The objective is that the academic investigators, enthusiastic developers and can create incredible projects using the natural user interface (NUI) who always offers the device to us through a noncommercial use.

Note: SDK provides to the developers the capacity to create applications with C++, C# or Visual Basic being used Visual Studio 2010. To Read more�

It Discovers the new features of Messenger Connect V5.0

Today Microsoft has announced the new features that will integrate the next update of Messenger Connect, you already know, the platform that allows the developers of websites and applications to integrate Windows Live Skydrive, Messenger and Hotmail in the present ecosystem with partners like WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flirck and many more.

Between all the list of new features, they emphasize the following:

* OAuth 2,0, the standard Web of modern authorization: Now we will have support for OAuth 2,0, which will facilitate the integration of Windows Live Skydrive, Messenger and Hotmail having used a protocol of standard authentication used by platforms Web like Facebook. To Read more�

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