[Microsoft MVP Knows Pounding Arguiñáriz]

This week we have like special guest to Pounding Arguiñáriz, a woman with much vitality and expert in ofirmáticas solutions that surely much must say on program MVP del that comprises for several years, I leave you with her:

1. Personal Information (name, age, country, tastes, I interest, work, hobby) Tell us who you are!
My name is To Pound Arguiñáriz Lusarreta although as regards Internet nick is known me by “Palel?, that I adopted there when I began my walking by the groups of the news of Microsoft by year 1996 and that they are the initials of my full name. I Am 52 years old and I am of Navarre although I have been 11 years living in Estepona. My interests, besides computer science generally, are the reading, the sport and the beach and the only hobby that I have are the computers and any thing related to them.
2. You Are MVP, what means this for you? what you felt the first time that you were awarded?
To Be MVP is something very rewarding for me. I never thought that I could comprise of this community. The first time that arrived the notification to me could not believe it and it cost to me to react. It Was in the groups of the news some years ago and mainly it was to learn but from time to time it was contributing these knowledge responding to the consultations of other users. Microsoft considered that my contributions and dedication deserved the recognition and in year 2002 the appointment in the technology of Outlook Express was granted to me. Since then and until today they have continued granting this appointment to me, year after year, but from the 2004 it is by my contributions on Microsoft Outlook. Still to day of today itself surprising me in each appointment and it receipt with the same illusion and joy like the first year.

3. Tell us that he is the best thing of being MVP
The best thing of being MVP is to form part of a group of people to who it unites the same objective and the same interests to them: the Microsoft technologies in all scopes and at all the levels. There Are great professionals and people with some extraordinary knowledge. In Addition to all it unites the taste to us disinterestedly to share - these knowledge with the others, either through the participation in the support forums, or through the diffusion in blogs, Webs, conferences.
4. Which have been your experiences in the MVP Summit/MVP Day Open?
I have never gone to the MVP Summit but I have gone to some MVP Day Open. The last one to that I have attended was celebrated the past the month of October in Fuengirola. These annual meetings cause that during some hours we can enjoy the company of another MVPs which often only we know through Internet and also to know another MVPs which nor so at least we have heard speak. The experience is very satisfactory since from the first moment you have the sensation of which we are a people group friend. Many of us and due to the years that we took being MVPs we are friendly also “in the real life? and have daily contact through different means. By all means that in these meetings we know in person our “heads?, the LEAD, that in the case of Spain and Portugal are Cristina. We Share different sessions to present to us the future the new applications and versions on which one is working and contributed to our ideas and restlessness.
5. How you think that program MVP could be improved?
The program basically has changed very little since I knew it for the first time. Due to the crisis some privileges have modified on which we counted but mainly the objective is the same: to recognize the contributions that each of us we do. Recognition MVP can be obtained if the spirit who moves to you really is only to enjoy than beams and joint parties. Itself you look for surely to be MVP is that you do not deserve to be it. There Are many and different profiles from MVPs, from simple users who share little that knows (it is my case), until great professionals with high qualifications.

6. How you see the future of in the Microsoft technologies in which you specialize?
Microsoft Office and in particular Microsoft Outlook has a great future since the subject of the software of office and the mail is two subjects that always are going to be there. With each new version it is improved, extending and facilitating its use. With version 2010 they have obtained a great ofimático package but always one is in constant progress so we hope that the next version also brings great new features. Although now we are in the year of the “Cloud Computing? or Computation in the cloud, Microsoft Office is being implied with its Office Web Apps concerning domestic users or their Office 365 corporative level.
7. It Describes the necessary thing to be MVP under your point of view.
Since I have already said before, to be MVP the main requirement is not to look for to be it. The evaluation to be MVP is realized in different phases and you never know if what you are doing it will consider to grant this appointment to you. The users must make the things simply because they like, because it gives satisfaction them to do it, without waiting for nothing in return. Recognition MVP must arrive without waiting for it, for that reason it does not have you rule nor requisite.
8. Some funny anecdote with respect to program MVP in recent years.
The anecdotes could be related to the fact that in Spain-Portugal the percentage of women MVP is very low and for that reason in each Day Open which I attend I consider “you between all the men blessed?. I Believe that éramos 3 (I am not very safe) but this year there is a new incorporation, Gisela, who has been appointed in the technology of development of Azure.

9. Which is your experience in the communities online?

Until the past year my participation was basically in the groups of the news NNTP of Microsoft but these groups disappeared to happen to the Web to which we called consultation forums. The change has supposed a concerted effort and new forms to give support. I As Much Make the pursuit of several forums in the Answers as in those of TechNet, all of them related to the Office applications. At personal level the only positive that I can find acceding to the forums through the Web is the necessity to identify itself and that this identification serves to recognize each user with some minimum data on each of them. Since the end of implemented February and only in the Answers, we are with new platform 2,0 and on this one still it is necessary to wait for modifications since I do not finish liking some of the functionalities that they have eliminated with respect to the previous one. I Hope and I trust that they do it soon and well, because on it depends the future on these communities.
10. You Can contact with me through:
Twitter: @palelmvp

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/palel

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/palelmvp

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/PalelMVP

Website: http://www.infonegocio.com/luzylar/informatica.htm
Blog: http://palelmvp.wordpress.com/

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