It Discovers the new features of Intune Windows

Intune Windows is the successor of Microsoft System Center Online Desktop Manager, this new version has the objective to help the companies and makes simpler the management and the security of the PCs using services of Windows in the cloud and Windows 7. The service in the cloud of Intune Windows offers functionalities of accessible management and security from a unique console based on the Web, so that we can maintain to our equipment and users working to total yield from any place. Intune Windows provides to the users the best experience with Windows 7 Enterprise. Intune Windows adapts to the companies offering the best thing of the technology with a small investment in technology, to obtain less problems and more tranquility, to the knowledge that the PCs will be protected and administered well.

Intune Windows is unique because it is an integral solution of Microsoft that reunites to the services of Windows in the cloud for the protection and management of PCs and a subscription of update to 7 Windows Enterprise. Its simple console based on the Web offers an immediate view of all their surroundings of PCs and can see the state of the updates and notifications of malware, alert, policies of security…  We only needed a connection to Internet and a client Intune Windows installed in each PC that we want to administer. Whether we are looking for a solution that can contribute to the basic elements of protection and management to him of all PCs or only for those PCs of difficult location like which the remote users use, PCs not incorporated to the dominion, users in mobility or recent purchases Intune Windows can help us. The solution of Intune Windows it can use the professionals of YOU of the own company or suppliers of solutions that offer the service of management of PCs of multiple companies.

Note: The This available option of purchase of the set of 6 tools of management for the writing-desk (MDOP) that will help you to still more improve the security and the control at the same time as they will help you to solve the problems critics who could not be solved by the service in the cloud, such as the diagnosis and the recovery of a PC.

The service of Intune Windows is available in 10 languages in a total of 36 countries, although at the end of year the service will be available also in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Note: You Will Be Able to unload directly the official FAQ of Intune Windows (in English) from here

You do not doubt it! Test Intune Windows during 30 days from here

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