Webcast Microsoft TechNet - Personal Cloud: The cloud in your home [Updated]

Hello to all! I Want to personally invite you next webcast in Microsoft TechNet, in which I will distribute an introduction to you to the concept of the Cloud Personnel and its corresponding services happening through Windows Live, Internet Explorer 9, Windows Phone 7, Office Web Apps and many more, always from the base that contributes Windows to us 7.

We Will Discover importance of cloud computing from point of view of consumers, as the services of the personnel cloud open the doors to us to new forms to create, to connect and to share with the aim of that we are more and more productive and creative fuerta of the enterprise surroundings, in addition you will have a part with demonstrations of the services and other than will try on the security in the cloud and the future of the same, when finalizing webcast you will have an answer and question-and-answer session.

Webcast will begin next day 25 of May to 16:00 (GMT+01: 00) and will last of 60 minutes, you can register https://msevents.microsoft.com/personalcloud here

I wait for You to all, you do not lose it to you!

Update: You already can unload webcast from the page of Microsoft TechNet Spain https://msevents.microsoft.com/grabado/personalcloud

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