How to put Windows Live Web Messenger in your writing-desk?

One of the errors most common in the new suite of Windows Live Essentials 2011 is the incompatibility that exists between… Hotmail - Web Messenger - Windows Live Messenger 2011

If you are tired of Windows Live Messenger 2011, now you can put your Web Messenger in the writing-desk:

* For it, we must go ahttp: / using Google Chrome (I am investigating like also doing it with Internet Explorer 9)

* We Click in It Personalizes and it controls - Tools To Create direct access to applications.

* You Can put this application in the bar of tasks, menu of beginning or writing-desk, in addition also you can change the icon of the application by which you like more.

Note: This application resolves another one of the problems more serious than we were in Windows Live Messenger 2011 (security) and is that when we are going to initiate session in WLM2011 only gives the option us to remember the account and the password simultaneously and not separately as it happens with this fantastic application.

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