Angry IBRDs available for Windows Phone 7

As it were glided weeks ago, today Microsoft has sent the game more waited for of Rovio for Windows Phone 7 thanks to the platform of Xbox Live and Microsoft Studios Game.

Angry IBRDs for Windows Phone 7 offers hours to you of game, challenger demolitions of the castles and piles of content that will make want you to play it time and time again. Each one of the 195 levels require logic, ability and brute force to destroy to the enemy.

Available like the last game of the campaign Must Have Games of Xbox Live, Angry IBRDs is available as much in its complete version with a price of 2.99 Euros, like in a gratuitous version. To Read more鈥?

New functionalities Arrive at Windows Live Hotmail

The equipment of Windows Live Hotmail has implemented a series of new very useful functionalities coming from Microsoft Outlook for the users of the used service of mail more in the world.

Been brief Methods of keyboard and mouse: Now when we go to our tray of entrance, we see a new menu when doing right click on some email in which they are gotten up besides the previous functionalities of (to respond, to respond all, to resend) have been added (to mark like not read, to eliminate, mail nonwished, to move, to see source code of the message)

Also some been brief methods of keyboard coming from Microsoft Outlook have been added, you can see the complete list Read more here鈥?

Telef贸nica begins to distribute the updates of Windows Phone 7

Microsoft and Telef贸nica have announced that as of today will begin to distribute to the 3 updates of prepared February and March for devices like Samsung Omnia 7.

This time if the terms decided 10 days have been fulfilled at the most since the second phase of the distribution begins (Scheduling), on the contrary that in first stage (Testing) where the operator had to work in a functionality that allowed them to commercialize its devices without binding them to a TP of data.

Note: The updates will be given in groups, reason why you can take in receiving it a pair of weeks. To Read more鈥?

It Discovers new the Windows Live SkyDrive in HTML5

Microsoft has sent the new version of Windows Live SkyDrive to take advantage of all the potential 9 Internet Explorer and its support of HTML5.

New the Windows Live SkyDrive is faster, facilitates navigation in the Web and improves the form to visualize the photographies.

More express: The time that we took in carrying out common tasks since to click in folders and to sail by an album of photos it has been reduced of 6-9 seconds to the 100-300 milliseconds. The new Skydrive takes advantage of the acceleration the graphs accelerated by means of hardware to be able to include advances like HTML5 Video, CSS3 and experiences of interpretation client, as well as to make sure to offer a great experience when seeing photographies in all the navigators without the necessity to count on a special software. To Read more鈥?

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