How to close your account of Windows Live Hotmail?

For reasons of security, the proprietors of the accounts Windows Live Hotmail only can realize the following steps.

He Follows the following instructions to close your account:

1. Visit
2. It Initiates session with your account and password of Windows Live Hotmail.
Beam click in Closing Account. All the messages will be permanently elimiados and those that command to you as of that moment will be rejected.

Next, your direction e-mail will be blocked during 270 days, passed the same any other person will be able to use it.

If you want to reactivate your account once closed you will have it to do within the first 270 days.
Note: Following these steps only you will close the service e-mail, Windows Live YOU GO associate to your account will be active until 365 days pass. If you want to accede to any other service of Windows Live YOU GO, you will have to use a new account.
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