[Solved] APPCRASH error in Windows Live Messenger

This problem directly is related to Microsoft and his programs, today we will concentrate in Windows Live Messenger 2009 and 2011 Beta.

When you initiate session with your account of Windows Live, you can receive the following message of error before the program is executed completely.

Windows Live Messenger there are Stopped Working
One of the reasons for which Windows Live Messenger could not work is by the presence of software of third parties installed in our system and that cause an incompatibility with our program.

Example: MyWebSearch Toolbar.

In Order to solve error APPCRASH of the WLDCore.dll it realizes the following steps.

If you are using Vista/7 Windows you click in Beginning writes regedit “- Enter.

If you are using Windows XP, click Beginning - Eejcutar.Localización

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ MSNMessenger \ PerPassportSettings

When you have arrived at PerPassportSettings?, it expands the folder, and it looks for in each subfolder the term UTL REG_SZ, this element will be in each subfolder that integrates an account different from Windows Live.

You Must only eliminate it in the accounts that undergo the problem, doing right click in UTL .

It Closes the Publisher of the Registry and reinitiates the PC.

When the problem is resolute and you can return to accede to your account of Windows Live, you will have to change your transformation.

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