How to improve the yield of Windows 7?

The loss of velocity in a system Windows can occur by many reasons, between most common are the changes of system files on the part of programs of third parties, ill-disposed virus, programs, erroneous configurations, conflicting controllers, corrupt, inconvenient facilities or desinstalaciones in hardware, or with the single load of processes when installing the programs that we used.

In Order to assure us that our system works to its total capacity, I indicate a procedure of general maintenance here to recover the health of Windows 7.

Cleaning of programs with a anti-virus

* To Have installed more of a program anti-virus simultaneously can inflict a remarkable loss in the yield of the system, as well as errors of permissions and navigation, between most common. For that reason it only leaves to a program anti-virus and one antispyware (if the chosen one does not act the two as)

* The programs of this type once desinstalados, need a cleaning tool (commonly offered by its same manufacturer) to eliminate of the system rest of their configuration.

I Scan of hostile virus and programs

* It Realizes frequently I scan complete of its system with your favorite anti-virus. If you do not have one, you can unload and install gratuitamenteMicrosoft Security Essentials, that is a anti-virus and antispyware, from the following connection:

To Scan errors in the hard disk

* It Presses the keys simultaneously WINDOWS + R and writes: CHKDSK /F

* It Will Appear a consultation in that you must press S and next ENTER.

Cleaning of temporary files

* It Presses the keys simultaneously WINDOWS + R and writes CLEANMGR

* It Hopes to that the state bar fills, selects all the squares of verification and presses To Accept and To Eliminate archives soon.

To Deactivate programs that are executed from the beginning

* Mantén your system updated by means of Windows Update

* Updates, solutions to errors and optimizations for Windows appear periodically. It Visits the following webpage and it follows the instructions in screen:

To Realize a defragmentation of the disc

* Beam click in Beginning - All the programs - Accessory - Tools of the system - Desfragmentador of disc.

* It Selects the unit of Windows (commonly C:) and presses in Defragmenting. This process can take long time, following the amount of information contained in the unit, for that reason he is recommendable to initiate it when we do not need to use the PC.

* Finally, it reinitiates your system and it verifies his operation.

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