Responsibility shared in Microsoft Office Web Apps

Microsoft finishes announcing that the 50 million people who use Microsoft Office Web Apps will be able to share the audit of their documents in Word.

Being Based on the characteristics of collaboration already available in Microsoft Word 2010 and Word 2011 for Mac, the Co-responsibility will allow us to collaborate in the creation of a same content without having the necessity to initiate session in several accounts.

The equipment of Microsoft Office Web Apps has designed these Co-responsibilities having followed a series of rules: When two or more people are collaborating in a same document, a real view will be always had in time of whom it is realizing the changes and where they are happening. When we are realizing some changes in certain sections these are blocked to the others that are notified, the authors will be able to keep the document at any time and to realize a view of all the changes. To Read more�

Available Windows Live Essentials 2011 QFE2

This Microsoft week has sent the second Quick Fix Engineering that improves the yield and quality of the suite of Windows Live besides adding new functions to him as the complete support for SSL in Windows Live Mail and the new bar of tools of Bing among others many like:

Windows Live Mail: Certain errors in the arrangement of the elements within the folder of envoys have been solved and the service has improved to load our photographies (Photo Mail).

Windows Live Messenger: A pair of problems in the stability has been solved, have been realized improvements in the quality of the voice in the videollamadas ones. A problem has been resolved that inflict casualties of sound after updating the suite and the yield of load of the page of MSN in the main window of the complete view has been increased. To Read more�

Windows Live Hotmail is now 10 times faster

Many of there are it to you been noticing the last days in your trays of entrance and today Microsoft has announced it officially.

New the Windows Live Hotmail is now 10 faster times thanks to the changes that the equipment of Windows Live has granted to him to the used service of mail more in the world.

Fast Decisions: Handicapped is had the work of the servant trimming the content of the page and improving the beginning of session, in addition Windows Live Hotmail for the new navigators like Internet Explorer 9 has been optimized taking advantage of all their potential.

Storage in cache: Old Windows Live Hotmail realized too many interactions with the servant whenever realizabamos some action. To Read more�

Phone Windows Handle into the hands of the developers

Microsoft has given via free the next version of Windows Phone 7, still in phase beta the best developers of the world (around 5000) have access as of today to an internal program of Microsoft Connect from which they will be able to acquire the new version (build 7661) integrated in real propotipos in the next pair of weeks.

Unloading from here the new development tools beta:

This time Microsoft has bet much more by the students, who without cost some neither necessity to register itself in the App Hub, will be able to unload the tools necessary from Microsoft DreamSpark and to develop applications for the new version of Windows Phone Leer the more�

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