Windows Live Essentials 2011 RTW

Version RTW (To Is Reread Web) Build 15.4.3502.922 was constructed one week ago and sent to Microsoft Partner and car-installed in the network of Microsoft the past day 23.

New Characteristics:

Integration with Facebook: Now the users have a place to chatear with all friendly. Messenger now allows him to be kind to the updates of your friendly in networks different and to speak with the chat of Facebook.

Great advances in Photo Gallery: A change can be seen before applying it, is enough with placing the mouse on the option. In the final version, also we have added the capacity to see in the card “Look For?. Therefore, before applying a filter (date, number, it labels), you will be able to see the results.

Integration with Bing Maps: A gallery of photos now is integrated with Bing Maps with the functionality of the labels of location, having allowed the users to see a map from where the certain photo was taken. To Read more?

[Solved] Internet Explorer 9 Beta UI Error

One of the most usual errors in Internet Explorer is that the bar of tools remains a position over the bar of directions, and by all means that 9 Internet Explorer Beta was not going to be an exception.

Steps to solve this error in the beta version of Internet Explorer 9

1. It Clicks in the button Beginning in the picture To Initiate search, it writes regedit in ready the Programs, clicks in regedit.

2. If it is requested to him a password of administrator or a confirmation, writes its password and clicks in Continuing

3. It Looks For the following subkey of the Registry and clicks in her: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Toolbar \ WebBrowser

4. It Clicks in the right button of the mouse in WebBrowser, selects New and it clicks in DWORD (32 bits).

5. In the new value #1, writes ITBar7Position and presses Enter.

6. It Clicks in the ITBar7Position right button of the mouse and soon it clicks in Modifying, in the picture Information of the value, writes 1 and it clicks in Accepting.

7. It Leaves the Publisher of the Registry, next, Beta initiates Internet Explorer 9.

Microsoft needs Feedback for Internet Explorer 9 Beta

With the launching of Internet Explorer 9 Beta, Microsoft has begun has to request the feedback of million users to improve new products in its later versions.

If you find some error, bug, you have some good idea, or asks you can directly send it to program IE9 Public Beta that Microsoft has initiated in Connect.

In Order to do this, we must open to IE9 Beta and click in Tools - To Send Commentaries.

Next it initiates session with your account of Windows Live, and explains the problem yet detail, you can take a screenshot from the problem and even report it to Microsoft.

Which is your opinion about Internet Explorer 9 Beta?

Send an email to me to

How to create a Windows Live Chat in your website?

1. Registry site and to obtain YOU GO Applicaition

Whenever we developed using the services of Windows Live we needed to acquire an identifier of the application, for it we must go to and to accede with a Windows Live YOU GO.

This portal can remember up to 20 different applications. In the page Summary it selects to the New option of services located in the right part superior.

This indicates the registry of a request within Live, selects the option to make live Sevicios: Existing API

The registry form is quite easy to fill, only must locate the following information.

* Service Component Label: Name of the site, the chat of control of this name will not be seen in the Web.

* Service Component Description: Description of the site

* Dominion: Page of Beginning of the application, without needing putting http://.

* Return URL: Page in which is the chat control. To Read more?

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