[Solved] I cannot update to version WLE 2011 (Refresh Beta) Error: 0×80040601

With the arrival of the new version Windows Live Essentials 2011 Refresh Beta can appear to us some problems of incompatibility.

Could not update to the latest versions
Could not install These programs: Messenger

Because There Was to problem updating one of the Programs, non of them Were updated.
Error: 0×80040601
Source: Messenger | MessengerLang | PhotoCommonLang

Error: 0x80072f76
Source: UXPlatformLang

* This problem happens after the installation of Windows Live Essentials 2011 Refresh Beta, the cause is the presence of archives and entrances of the previous versions in our system or are of Windows Live the 2009 or previous beta version 2011.Solución of the Error: 0×80040601 | 0x80072f76

First of all we must assure to us that Windows Live Messenger is not executing in our equipment following these steps.

*Clic Beginning - To Execute - and to write (taskmgr)
* Click in msnmsgr.exe and to click in Finishing Process.

Desinstalar Windows Live completely

1. Click Beginning - To Execute - and escribie the following commando (appwiz.cpl)

2. In the list of programs, we must select Windows Live Essentials and click in desinstalar all the programs of Windows Live.

3. Now we must direct a to us: C:\Program You Case Out

4. To Find the called folder Windows Live and to eliminate it.

To Use the utility Windows Installer Cleanup to clean all the entrances of the system

5. http://www.mediafire.com/?zy15rakcziatapm Visit and unloading Windows Installer Cleanup.

6. Beam click with the right button of the mouse on the file msicuu2.exe and executes it as Administrator (probably you will have to introduce the adminsitrador password).

7. When correctly it is installed, it initiates the application.

8.Seleccciona the entrances that contain the Windows Live word and eliminates them.

9. It Reinitiates the PC.

It Updates the system with Windows Update.

10. Visitahttp: /windowsupdate.microsoft.com/e installs the updates available.

11. It Reinitiates the PC to complete the process.

2011 Refresh Beta Reinstates WLE: http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials-beta

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