How to solve problems of energy in Windows 7?

Sometimes we can have problems with our batteries in portable equipment, or by problems of energy, loads or errors in the hibernation nodes.
Luckily Windows 7 incorporates an application able to issue a report on the situation of these parameters to identify possible problems:

1. In Order to activate the tool Beginning must go to the menu and writes “Powershell “
2. Beam click in the icon of the program with the right button of the mouse and selects to execute like administrator.
3. Next, when it appears the window of the system, “powercfg - Energy “writes
4. The system will initiate an analysis of 60 seconds. During this time Windows it will supervise so much the use of resources of the system as the load process and will analyze the yield of the battery and the ways of power saving. When concluding the analysis, the program will give a report us that we will be able to read in a denominated file [energy-report.html] using Internet Explorer.
The file this in C:\Windows\System32 (replacing C:\ by the letter of the unit where we have installed Windows 7).

The report enumerates the errors that can be solved by means of the update of a controller or desinstalaciĂłn of certain programs that aggravate to the yield or the consumption of the equipment.
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