[Solved] Windows Live Messenger 2011 Refresh Beta Error 80072745

1. If you are connected to Internet through router, it clears the connection with router. Next, it connects the cable directly modem to his computer. This will help to determine if the problem is related to the configuration of firewall in router. 2011 Refresh Beta Tries to initiate session in Windows Live Messenger after connecting itself to Internet. If the connection works, it passes the rest of these steps and puts themselves in contact with the manufacturer of router to determine the form to qualify port 1863 through firewall of router.

2. If Beta Refresh 2011 can be connected to Windows Live Messenger after clearing router, the problem can be related to the configuration of router. It Tries to resetear router

Note: This can change the configuration of router to the predetermined adjustments and can erase all the personal adjustments.

3. If it is initiating session from corporative surroundings, put yourself in contact with the network administrator to determine if port 1863 is being blocked in the network.

4. If 2011 Refresh Beta has installed in its computer a zone of alarm of security of instantaneous mail Windows Live Messenger:

a. Beam click in the right button of the mouse in the icon of Zone Alarm in the notification area, next, opens the Control Center.
b. Beam click in IM Security or Seguridad to open the window of configuration of security of instantaneous mail.
c. Beam click in the card Beginning or the card of state.
d. It Moves the sliding control at the level of security In off to deactivate the security of instantaneous mail.
e. Once to initiate session in Windows Live Messenger Beta Refresh 2011, looks if the error has been solved.

Note: This procedure changes the configuration of security of all the programs of instantaneous mail in your PC.

5. If it is connected to Internet through a wireless card of data or a radio network, put yourself in contact with his supplier of movable Internet to verify if it needs plans additional data that allow him to connect to the Windows Live Messenger service Beta Refresh 2011.

6. Software anti-virus Even can cause to this problem by means of the blockade traffic TCP/IP, for that reason we must try deshabilitarlo.

a. It Clicks in Programs and characteristics in Windows 7/Windows Vista.

b. It Looks For the application anti-virus in the list of installed programs and you click in clearing or desinstalar

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