Exploring Internet Explorer 9 Beta. What has again?

Simplified Design
First that you will notice when opening Internet Explorer 9 is its compact user interface. It Is possible to most of have access to the functions of the bar of commandos, like Printing or Zoom Lens, doing click in the button of Tools; in addition, with clicking simple in your Favorites, they will automatically appear all and of way ordinate.
On the other hand, Internet Explorer makes your available the basic controls that the protagonist paper needs and grants to Internet.

Note: If you wish to recover the bar of commandos, favorites and state, click with the secondary button to the right of the button New Eyelash and, next, select them in the menu.
Anchored Sites
If visits frequently certain pages, the function of anchored sites will allow you accedes directly to them from the bar of tasks of the writing-desk of Windows 7.
To Anchor a site is very simple: it drags the anchorage icon from the bar of directions of the bar of tasks. Next, when doing click in the icon, the website will be opened in Internet Explorer. To Read more�

It Secures to your certification of Windows Live in collaboration and productivity

You Knew that you can make a small and simple test of 15 questions to demonstrate your conocmientos about the Live platform?

When your you finish and you approve this test with a percentage superior to 80% you will receive an email of CertiLive with a diploma that demonstrates to your knowledge in collaboration and productivity.

Registo for this test is available for residents in U.S, LATAM and Spain.

Note: This test does not replace the professional certifications of Microsoft.

For more information about this nonprofessional certification of Microsoft send an email to me to explorawindows@live.com

Register to you and you do the examination here: http://www.mslatam.com/latam/certilive/

[Solved] I cannot open to archives .exe in Windows 7

Important: In Order to solve this problem we must modify the registry, and therefore to have much well-taken care of correctly realising the following steps, if it is not thus we could cause serious damages to our PC.
1. It Opens the Administrator of tasks, presses CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.
2. Click File, presses Ctrl and you click in New Task (To Execute…) at the same time. Symbol of the System will be opened
3. In the Symbol of the System, notepad writes, and then it presses ENTER.
It Sticks the following text in Notepad
Publishing Registry Windows Version 5.00
Software \ [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ FileExts \. Exe]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ FileExts \. Exe]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ FileExts \. Exe] OpenWithList \
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ FileExts \. Exe \ OpenWithProgids]
“Exefile� = hex (0):
4. Beam click in File and later in Keeping Like… To Read more�

How to unblock your account of Windows Live Hotmail?

If your account has been blocked by Microsoft is probable that you have sent an excessive number of emails per day, to send Spam or to violate the terms of use of Windows Live. In Order to unblock it we must go a: https://windowslivehelp.com/vi.aspx?id=5decdf98-7163-4774-8bb0-1a869f532f74

It Enters the direction of the affected account and explains your problems briefly sent all the excellent information. From that moment the equipment of Windows Live will be the one who will decide if to reopen or it does not count it.

Advice: So that you they do not return it to close, to follow these simple steps.

* He Surely Analyzes your list of contacts and estate of which you send your emails to the indicated people.

* He Reduces the number of emails that you send to great groups of person and which they can be considered like Spam.

* He Limits the number of jokes by email and another type of messages that can be recognized like Spam and which probably they do not happen through the security filters.

* It Analyzes that all the accounts of contacts that you have are active.

In Addition you can secure information about the good habits in the network here http://postmaster.live.com

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