[Solved] Error `' CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD - Code: 5 `'


When trying to take a DVD of Windows 7 to install the operating system or to realize any repair, we can be with the following message of error.

CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD - Code: 5


This problem takes place because the BIOS of the equipment is not able to completely load the starting of the DVD of Windows 7


Method 1: Direct you to the website of the manufacturer of the equipment to verify if there are updates of the BIOS of the system. The BIOS contains the software that is essential for the good operation of its equipment, reason why only needs to be updated by a specialized personnel.

Method 2: If the previous method has not been able to solve the problem, or there is update no available of the BIOS, you can create a DVD of Windows 7/Vista using a sector of DVD starting.

7 DVD Retire the sector of starting of Windows using some tool of recording of image of third parties. In the case of ImgBurn, for example, it clicks in Creating file of image of the archives/folders, selects to the eyelash Outposts, eyelash Disc of starting, selects the DVD that is the Windows Vista of DVD and clicks in the icon of the diskette. It Selects Yes to keep the file in the project from present recording.

Next, it can create image ISO and record it in a DVD like source of data with Windows 7. It Consults the documentation of the recording program to learn how to do this.

It Learns more:

When the button of ignition in a PC is pressed, a small portion of read only (ROM) of memory takes to end connected a basic test of internal hardware and the peripheral ones (mouse and keyboard). The equipment is available to load a small code of 4KB of memory in a fixed position. This code implements in the Etfsboot.com file Windows DVD. This code is responsible to load the Bootfix.bin file, showing in screen the legend “Presses any key to start from the CD “. If there is no a key is not pressed by the user, Bootfix.bin will load the MBR of the main disc and will come with the normal starting from the hard disk. If any key does not beat, Bootfix.bin looks for the operating system, managing of Bootmgr, and will resign to the control.

Some old and bad designed BIOS 7 DVD cannot completely load the code of starting of Windows. This code has a small signature in order that the BIOS is shown, once this has been loaded in the memory yields the control. If the signature is not, the system supposes that the BIOS cannot load the starting code completely and throws the error described in this article.