It Discovers the cut tool in Windows 7

Possibly many of you you have not used still this useful tool who incorporate the versions of Windows 7 of Premium Home in future.

Although their utility is limited to take captures than it is in screen, this tool is one of the best ones of the sort. Besides easily allowing to keep the image in format PNG, JPEG, GIF and even HTML, offer four methods to us of screenshot:

Cut of free form - a free form around an object Draws.

Rectangular Cut - Drag the cursor around an object to form a rectangle. To Read more?

It Discovers the benefits of Windows Anytime Upgrade

Windows Anytime Upgrade is the best way to transfer our version from Windows 7 to more powerful other, the update is very simple and you will not change to your archives nor the personal configuration, and to only it will take about 15 minutes you.

Note: It Is necessary to have a key WAU of 25 digits apt for the version of Windows 7 to which we want to update that you will be able to find in the product box or the new PKC to a price inferior than the generic edition of Windows 7 would cost.

1. Of Windows 7 Starter to Premium Home - Ideal for people who want to personalize their PC netbook with subjects, photos and to enjoy the entertainment in any place. To Read more?

Limit of contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011

Although in the majority of the times the problem comes dice by errors in breaks it of the folder of contacts that we must especially in the last eliminate from the publisher of the registry due to a corruption, in other occasions and months with the integration of Windows Live with services as Facebook or LinkedIn whose contacts exportana our list appears to us a message in which Windows Live Messenger 2011 prevents us to add more contacts because we have reached really one of the following the limits decided in Windows Live:

Contacts of Windows Live Messenger - At the most you can have 1500 contacts. 

Contacts of Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger - the total sum of your contacts as much for Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail does not have to be superior to 1250 contacts. To Read more?

Welcome to the new one Explores Windows Blog - [Obtains to your kit of explorer Finalized]

Today it is the official launching of the new design for the blog, with a touch much more fresh and loaded of improvements and new features. First of all to thank for enormously feedbacks to you received in these last weeks and the confidence that you have deposited in me to solve near the 80 consultations that you have realized from the creation of the blog.

Like technical blog on products of Windows Client, this new design this totally optimized to use it from Internet Explorer 9, we have realized the first steps with the HTML5 and incorporated in all the blog the special source Segoe WP, extracted directly from Phone Windows 7 and that you will visualize correctly in the blog only if you have installed Visual Studio 2010, or if you unload the source from this file in my Windows Live Skydrive and you install it in your PC, all the other users you will correctly see the blog but without the touch of the interface Meter that contributes the source of Windows Phone 7. To Read more?

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