It Discovers the new features of Messenger Connect V5.0

Today Microsoft has announced the new features that will integrate the next update of Messenger Connect, you already know, the platform that allows the developers of websites and applications to integrate Windows Live Skydrive, Messenger and Hotmail in the present ecosystem with partners like WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flirck and many more.

Between all the list of new features, they emphasize the following:

* OAuth 2,0, the standard Web of modern authorization: Now we will have support for OAuth 2,0, which will facilitate the integration of Windows Live Skydrive, Messenger and Hotmail having used a protocol of standard authentication used by platforms Web like Facebook.

* Single sign-on: The users who already have activated his YOU GO in the Windows Live platform, will not have to return to introduce its credentials in no of the websites that require them.

* The average time has been reduced that the service will take in receiving the answer with the purpose of to accelerate the yield and to diminish the requirements of band width.

* The library has been redesigned Javascript to require less lines of code to take to end common tasks.

* New access to Hotmail Calendar: Reality has become, another frequent request of the developers that want to have the capacity to add events to the calendar of Hotmail. This is especially useful for people whom its calendar with its movable device synchronizes (Exchange ActiveSync), reason why podán to obtain a reminder of an event where they want that they are.

You Have more information here and examples of the platform in

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