It Explores the Kinect SDK Beta for Windows 7

Today Microsoft has announced in an event through Chanel 9 the arrival of the kit of development of software (SDK) of Kinect for Windows 7. SDK includes the controllers of the devices Kinect, as well as the APIs, interfaces of the device, documentation and other materials.

The objective is that the academic investigators, enthusiastic developers and can create incredible projects using the natural user interface (NUI) who always offers the device to us through a noncommercial use.

Note: SDK provides to the developers the capacity to create applications with C++, C# or Visual Basic being used Visual Studio 2010.

The characteristics of the development kit are the following:

* Pursuit of the skeleton: SDK has the capacity to follow the skeletal image of one or two people who move within the field of vision of Kinect, doing possible to create applications based on gesticulation.

* Capacities outposts of audio: The capacities of processing of audio include sophisticated suppression of noise and echo cancellation, formation of beam to identify the present source of sound and integration with the API of voice recognition Windows.

* Facility of installation: SDK settles quickly of standard form in Windows 7, it does not require of a complex configuration and the total size of 100 installation is of less than MEGABYTE. The developers can install it and implement in only some minutes with a unit of independent Kinect sensor that is available in a great amount of establishments.

* Extensive Documentation: SDK includes more than 100 pages of technical documentation of high quality. Besides the integrated archives of aid, the documentation step by step includes explanations for the majority of the samples including in SDK.

You Can unload SDK without cost some from here

You do not forget that it is SDK is in phase beta, and that in future versions will offer new forms to us to experiment.

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