Results Microsoft market share

Company OPSWAT has realized a study at global level of several products (anti-virus, operating systems, clients of instantaneous mail) of great companies, leaving to Microsoft in a superb position as we see next in the results of the first months of the year:

With respect to the global market of the anti-virus, Microsoft thanks to the distribution by means of Windows Update and integration in Internet Explorer 9 it locates to his gratuitous anti-virus in 4ÂŞ position at global level growing a 11.24%, and being the first gratuitous anti-virus of all the list. In Addition one becomes the used anti-virus independent of the price in the EE.UU. more

The use at global level of Windows XP grew the second trimester of the year demonstrating that it continues being the dominant operating system of Microsoft. Nevertheless, the tendency to the rise of Windows 7 follows anywhere in the world, as well as the tendency to the loss of Windows Vista.

Note: Only a 4.72% of survey worldwide that contributed the data to this report use Windows Vista.

In the EE.UU Windows 7 it continues gaining market share (7%) from the last report of OPSWAT, and Windows XP recovers a 6% of lost quota being placed in more of 50% of the equipment.

By Ăştimo, we happened to the part of clients of instantaneous mail (IM), a segment of the market very bitter in which Windows Live Messenger is in head with a 40% of quota followed of Skype that counts with more of a 25% of quota.

The average of users of Europe and EE.UU who use a client of instantaneous mail at least is placed in 32.65% of quota.

Note: These results do not show to the quotas of services of instantaneous mail Web such as Facebook Chat or Google Chat.

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