Microsoft Happy Geek 2011

A movidito, full year of surprises Finalizes where we have attended the launchings of a great amount of products like:

Office 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2, Silverlight 4, Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows 7 Server 2008 R2 SP1 RC, Windows Live Essentials 2011, Internet Explorer 9 Beta, Windows Small Business Server 2011, Windows Phone 7…

Besides the arrival of the new console Xbox360 Slim + Kinect and other products of Microsoft Hardware like the Arc Touch Mouse, Arc Keyboard and the new generation of LifeCam HD. To Read more�

How to put Windows Live Web Messenger in your writing-desk?

One of the errors most common in the new suite of Windows Live Essentials 2011 is the incompatibility that exists between… Hotmail - Web Messenger - Windows Live Messenger 2011

If you are tired of Windows Live Messenger 2011, now you can put your Web Messenger in the writing-desk:

* For it, we must go ahttp: / using Google Chrome (I am investigating like also doing it with Internet Explorer 9)

* We Click in It Personalizes and it controls - Tools To Create direct access to applications.

* You Can put this application in the bar of tasks, menu of beginning or writing-desk, in addition also you can change the icon of the application by which you like more. To Read more�

Microsoft Windows 7 + Windows Live + Office 2010 GuĂ­a Completes

Designed to be safer and to make the things that beams every easier day

It Simplifies the daily tasks

* The management of windows and open programs easier with the Snap, Shake, and Peek Improves navigation by the writing-desk -.

* Pinning and Jump Lists - To Send the programs now is faster and easy, in addition we will find used documents more easily most frequently.

It Does possible the impossible thing

* Internet TV - To Look For and to enjoy programs of television and films in Internet in a single place.

* DVR - It Turns the PC into a DVR and soon it looks at your favorite programs, music, photos and films in any place with Windows Media Center.

It Works as your you want

* Personalization - the users can personalize their writing-desk with their own photos, subjects and sounds.

* Windows XP Way - the capacity to use programs apt for Windows XP in any place.

Windows 7 Demos

Previous Vista: It Passes the mouse over the icons of the bar of tasks and you will see miniatures of each window that is open a program. It Passes the mouse over a miniature to see a complete view.

Snap: It Compares two windows of side to side, dragging to the opposed sides of the screen. Automatically they will be placed for a easy visualization.

Peek: It Looks At the writing-desk quickly doing all the windows I am transparent locating the cursor on the icon To Show writing-desk.

Windows Anytime Upgrade

The update is very simple you will not change to your archives nor the personal configuration, and to only it will take about 10 minutes you.

* Windows 7 Starter to Premium Home - Ideal for people who want to personalize their PC netbook with subjects and photos and to enjoy the entertainment in any place.

* Windows 7 Premium Home to Professional - Ideal for people who want to use their PC to work in any place of faster and safe form.

* Windows 7 Starter to Premium Home - With Windows Anytime Upgrade it is possible to activate all the functions of personalization and entertainment of 7 Windows Premium Home in his netbook.

Additional Characteristics including:

* Personalization of the writing-desk - the users can personalize their writing-desk with their own photos, subjects and sounds.

* Internet TV - He Looks For and he enjoys programs of television and films of Internet in a single place.

* Previous Vista - Slipping the mouse on the bar of tasks and will see the images in miniature of all the open windows.

* Remote Average Streaming - Shipment of music and videos from the PC to a laptop through Internet.

* Windows 7 Premium Home to Professional - Windows 7 Professional includes everything what there is in Windows 7 Premium Home besides many additional characteristics that help people to make more things are where they are.

Additional Characteristics including:

* Backup copy outpost and restoration - automatic Backup copy of the data to the external networks and hard disks.

* Windows XP Way - the capacity to use programs apt for Windows XP in any place.

* Combination of dominion Allows to connect itself to the enterprise networks of easier and safe form.

* Based File System - roteja its valuable information with the coding of archives concerning user.

[Windows 7 + Personal Your Cloud] Comparte, creates and connects Windows 7 with Windows Live Essentials 2011.

The Cloud allows people:

* To Obtain 25 GB of personal storage in line free.
* To Maintain the archives and photos in syntony with its PCs of automatic form.
* To Share photos while you use the chat of video in high definition.

 Windows Live Essentials 2011

Windows Live Photo Gallery: It Creates easily, it finds and it shares wonderful photos with friendly and relatives.

Characteristics - Photo Fuse
* It Creates a perfect photo with the best parts of similar photos.

Windows Live Movie Maker: It Creates and it shares films in high resolution - of until 1080p - and directly publishes them in SkyDrive, YouTube, Facebook.

Characteristics - AutoMovie Themes
* It Turns the photos and videos into films finished in a matter of minutes.

 Windows Live Mesh: The most important of users, always accessible elements from any place.

Characteristics - Synchronization through PC.

* Photos, films, music and other archives are synchronized through PCs and, automatically, they are updated so that the users can accede to their more recent material when they need it.

Windows Live Messenger: Easy to connect and to share with the people who matter to you more.

Characteristics - Video Chat HD
* Expensive Chatea to face in high definition with the gratuitous videollamadas ones.

Windows Live Mail: it At any time accedes to the e-mail, calendar and contacts integrated perfectly with Windows 7.

Characteristics - Photo Mail

* It Saves hundreds of photos in a single e-mail without enormous attached archives in the entrance tray.

Comparison PC versus Mac

Value - With a PC based on Windows, the user obtains much more by his money.

Election and Compatibility - the majority of programs nowadays is compatible with the PCs and all of them of high quality.

Familiarity - the majority of the users already has used a PC with Windows reason why they less must learn with Windows 7.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 2010

It Creates impressive documents: It Creates impressive documents and presentations with new and improved characteristics, such as edition tools of photos, edition tools of video in PowerPoint®, more graphical SmartArt® and Excel® Sparklines.

Connect it and work together: New and improved characteristic in Outlook ®, like the Social Outlook Connector that allows to connect to the user to the social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Accedery publishes from practically any place: It Creates documents of Office 2010, and soon publish them in Windows Live™ SkyDrive™ to accede, to share and to publish with Office Web Apps.

Microsoft Office 2010 Suites

Office Home & Bussines 2010: it at Home completes the tasks and the tasks such as personal finances at home, the organization of house, papers of the school and the presentations.

Office Home & Business 2010: Suite of businesses of level of entrance for the domestic users who need an e-mail, calendar and tools of the social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Suggestion: Outlook considers an indispensable application in 65% of the small businesses and 47% of the users of home in the EE.UU.

Professional Office 2010: This is the supply of Premium Office for domestic users and businesses that also have the necessity to create publications of page design or to create and to manage data bases.

The correct method of purchase Chooses

Traditional Characteristics of the disc:

It Includes DVD and of 25 characters for the key of the product

Software for its use in any PC that fulfills the requirements of the system Office 2010

Multiple facilities, based on the Office suite the license to another PC will be able to be transferred

Available for its installation in the PCs without DVD unit, like netbook in

Note: The product key is within this software and it is possible to be used to activate a PC loaded with Office 2010.
Product Key Card characteristic:

It Includes the 25 characters for the key of the product (there is no disc)

Designed to activate Office in a loaded equipment with Office 2010. By a limited time, the users whom they buy a PC without settled Office 2010 can unload software in

With license to only install it in a PC. The license cannot be transferred to another PC.

Unloading available in

Exploring Windows Live Mail 2011

With Windows Live Mail, we can have a easy access to our mail, calendar, contacts and a total integration with Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker.

Photo Mail

Joint Party hundreds of photos in the e-mail without attached archives that obstruct the entrance trays.

Here how it works:
* It Clicks in Beginning To Personalize folders - to change colors - to move columns, and enjoys feeds the content given directly to the entrance tray. To Read more�

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