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This week I bring Roberto to you Luis Bisbé, a young person Microsoft Student Partner and coordinator of the DotNetClub of the always busy UAM and to which the new challenges enchant to him, I leave you with him.

1. Personal Information (name, age, country, tastes, I interest, work, hobby) Tell us who you are!
Hello to all, first of all I want to be thankful to the blog Explores Windows by the opportunity to present program MSP and in particular this week. I am called Roberto Luis, I am 21 years old and I come from a small Caribbean island called Cuba, although I have been 10 years already living in Spain. At the moment I am student of Computer Science Engineering in the Polytechnical School Superior of the Independent University of Madrid in his third (and we hope that penultimate) course. Computer science enchants to Me, to investigate and to program whichever new and exciting technology crosses by my way, mainly if it is related to the Web.
When permanently I am not fitted, I like to mount in bike and to read something, although the time that I dedicate to these activities enough she is reduced.
2. You Are MSP, what means this for you? what sentistes the first time that you were awarded?
For me it represents something that did not imagine a pair ago of years. It Is an unexpected recognition that arrived a day to me at so many of the dawn while it prepared a practice, and sincerely, my first impression was that they had been mistaken of person. It Means a commitment to continue collaborating with the community and to look for new challenges.
3. Tell us that he is the best thing of being MSP!
Aside from the recognition of Microsoft than beams and you organize, you know much very interesting people like the members of program MVP that already have been interviewed this way. As student I have few “real� experiences of development and these encounter allow me to learn of the best ones.
4. What has been your experience in the last events organized for the MSP?
The food is fabulous. Or in serious, the events that organize Microsoft generally are shining, the chats and the rapporteurs are of high level, and is hollow for everything, from WebMatrix to PowerShell, in addition always there are time for some canes, or some partidillas with Kinect.

5. How you think that program MSP could be improved?
I Take just a short time in the program so at these moment it would not know to say, I only know that as is, it is very well.
6. What is the Microsoft technology that interests to you more, as you see its future?
So far “case with anybody� but under my point of view the Web is not the future, but the present and therefore all the technologies oriented to Web like Silverlight and ASP.net (As Much WebForms as MVC, although I show preference personally for second). With first I had the occasion to work in a project of the race and finished very satisfied. To see what so leaves the invention to me with ASP.net :)
7. It Describes the necessary thing to be MSP under your point of view.
The only thing that is necessary is to have many desire to work, and to learn. We Are students who try to leave the race preparations the more possible being shared our preparation with the others.
8. Comment us the recent history of the DotNetClub to which pertences!
History goes back to 2009, when I attended a chat of C# versus very interesting Java. Until then it did not know that a DotNetClub in the university existed, and even the existence of program MSP. The students who took it already had graduated, and made lack from within continue the work of the faculty. So from September of that year (agreeing with the exit of Windows 7) a group of companions and I re-found the club.
At The Moment we are some 15 people those that we formed the club permanently, besides the assistants to our chats.
We Speak of variable subjects, development Web, robots… Although also we have spoken of how taking a company ahead or how to turn your idea into one startup, among others things. We Have a small project for April, but I cannot still say nothing…

9. You have participated in some ImageCup? What you think on this match?
I have not had the opportunity still to participate, although it seems to me a shining idea to be able to present your project, to develop it and, perhaps, to turn it into a tool to change the world. Why no? Perhaps next year…
10. You Can contact with me through:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rlbisbe
Twitter: @rlbisbe
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rlbisbe
Blog: http://robertoluis.wordpress.com/
DotNetClub: http://uamdotnet.wordpress.com/ (migrating)

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