New Features in Windows Live Hotmail Active Views

The equipment of Windows Live Hotmail after a series of studies of a pair ago of months that they revealed that 90% of all the emails that were sent to the day contained a connection at least, and that of these to 10% only clicked to them, it implanted the utility of Active Views (Seen active) in the e-mails that photos, videos, documents, updates, expenses of shipment in collaboration with companies like Youtube, Hulu, Flickr incorporated and Fedex with the aim of which the users undergo a new form to visualize emails with dynamic contents in which we can carry out the common tasks more easily.

Today Microsoft has announced the following passage of this new utility, now aside from the previous services the equipment of Windows Live Hotmail has been allied with LinkedIn, Posterous, LivingSocial and Netflix so that we obtain the referring dynamic contents to the invitations, classifications, notes, supplies…

What it will more affect the users of Spain and LATAM in this new big wave of services is without a doubt LinkedIn, now podremo to realize mĂştiples action to be and better connected more with our professional contacts without leaving our tray of entrance in Windows Live Hotmail with the purpose of to be more productive.

Soon we will have more new features about Windows Live Hotmail, this is only the principle of the great changes that will undergo the platform throughout this year.

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