Alliance of Microsoft Europe with the environment

In these dates of summer in which all we have glided to go of vacations to the coast or the mountain it is when and better use we can more give to this great tool developed in Silverlight on the platform of Azure Windows by Microsoft Europe in collaboration with the European Agency of the Environment (AEMA).

Now the European citizens we will be able to as much visualize in an interactive map of high resolution with the technologies of Bing Maps the air that we breathed like the water in that we swam of Europe, in addition we ourself we will be able to establish our position in the map and to describe the quality as the environment that surrounds to us by means of commentaries, observations and ranking.

Note: The citizens also will be able to receive SMS information on the quality of the environment of the zone who have wanted to find out. To Read more�

Phone Windows has arrived Handle RTM

Microsoft has announced today that Phone Windows Handle has arrived at its final version RTM (to Manufacturing Is Reread), compilation 7720 is being settled in the new devices that different brands will send at the end of year.

The developers within the internal Handle program Beta will receive an update of software in the next days, as of today the main operators will be in charge to optimize Handle with their configuration of network so that the update is available for autumn principles.

With more than 500 improvements, Phone Windows Handle more than an update is a new operating system, is possible to emphasize total integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live, the introduction of IE9 Mobile with support HTML5, support multitasks, opening to tens of new languages and multiple improvements in the Marketplace, options search Bing, optimization of the battery, navigation, yield… To Read more�

Support RAW in Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

The equipment of Windows Live after receiving thousands of feedbacks has announced today the new support of format RAW in Windows Live Photo Gallery, for which you do not control much the subject of the professional digital cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus…), RAW is a digital file format of images that the totality of the data of the image contains as it has been caught by the digital sensor of the camera and that generally is applied a data compression to him that does not lose information (quality of image), which supposes a great advantage in front of the format JPEG that has a great loss of quality from the device to the PC.

The users of Windows 7/Vista SP2 must have here installed the QF2 of Windows Live Essentials 2011 available, once you have it installed the program, this he would detect if you have some compatible format RAW and it appears to you a warning so that you unload Microsoft Double Bed Codec Pack (16.0.0652.0621), that also you can directly obtain from To Read more here�

Computer graphics: Consumers Windows 7 PCs versus Mac OS X

The Hunch company leader in the accomplishment of graphs for customized recommendations has shown to a peculiar result on the profiles of the users of the PCs with Windows the 7 and users of Mac OS X.

We Are Going step by step to review all the data that have contributed more than 700,000 consumers for the accomplishment of this study:

1. More than half (52%) of the survey ones they are consuming of PCs against (25%) that works with Mac :)

2. In the demographic aspect the consumers of PCs are placed between the 35-49 years (21%) of the same live to the outskirts and (18%) in towns, also the consumers of Mac are something more young people and years of them are placed between the 18-34 (58%) live in.

3. When we dealed with the subject the personality, (26%) the consumers of PCs are very prone to fit with the others against (13%) of the consumers of Mac.

Of the same form (23%) of the PC consumers they realize celebrations in his houses in front of half of the consumers of Mac. To Read more�

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