It Explores the translator of conversation of Microsoft Lync 2010

The new translator of conversation of Microsoft Lync 2010, also known by Lync-Guistic is a complement developed by Microsoft Research and the equipment of Microsoft Lync that from its launching the past 3 of June allows all the users of Microsoft Lync to translate its incoming and salient messages in 35 languages thanks to the technology of the translator of Bing.

Once installed this complement, you will only have to initiate session in Microsoft Lync and to direct to more options - > to you Translator of Conversation, once is activated the complement you will be able to select the corresponding languages, as much the yours own one as the one of your contact.

Note: You will always have a previous view of the message translated before sending it.

In Addition this complement incorporates a loudspeaker icon that will allow you to listen to the messages once have been translated, and you will have the capacity to evaluate the translation following the precision level and to introduce your suggestion.

Microsoft Lync will show the translation in two different windows, in the left panel is the translation in lenguage mixed, and in the right panel the translated conversation is our language completely.

You Will Be Able to unload Lync-Guistic (translator) from here:

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