How to update your Windows Phone 7?

The users who use Windows 7/Vista must follow the following steps to install the update in their dispostivos:

Notification: When there is an update available, it will appear a notification in the device.

Suggestion: In Order to verify if the notifications are active, direct you to in the left part of the screen of beginning to the list of the applications and enter Configuration. Next, it activates the square to obtain notifications when finding updates.

Suggestion: In the same screen, more down you can form the configuration options.

Connection by USB: Using the USB cable that comes with the device, we can connect our telephone to the PC.

Note: The computer must be connected to Internet

To Update automatically: Once the telephone is connected, the software of Zune will begin and send the update automatically.

- The software of Zune Executes, if it does not begin by itself then selects Configuration - > Telephone - > Actualizar.

- If the equipment does not have installed software Zune, it will be asked to him the user who unloads it and installs directly. If the PC does not request that we unload software automatically to us we can free obtain it from

Note: Once the update has begun, this will take generally between 30-60 minutes in completing itself. During this period we cannot make or receive calls.

The users who use Mac will have to follow the following steps to install the updates, in addition they will need software Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac.

Notification: The notification process is the same that stops the users of Windows.

Connection by USB: It Connects the device to your Mac by means of the USB cable that comes with the telephone. Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac would have to be opened automatically. If it is not thus, directs you to the folder of Applications and you click in Windows 7 Phone Connector.

To Update by means of Windows Phone 7 Connector: In the navigation panel, you click in the name of the dispotivo (not the one of the means type) and installs the updates.

In Order to install Windows Phone 7 Connector:

• It Opens App Store in a Mac

• Connector Looks For “Windows Phone 7� and clicks in the result of the correct search.

• It Clicks in the button “Free� to initiate the installation process (if it is necessary initiates session)

• Once finalized the installation, Windows Phone 7 Connector would have to be executed in dock.

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