New Features Windows Home Server 2011 Candidate Is Reread

Today Microsoft has announced the availability of the version Rereads Candidate (RC) of the new generation of Windows Home Server.

The stage of Rereads Candidate assures to the lifted consumer some standard of quality besides introducing new characteristics:

Remote Access: Now the remote access is based on Silverlight and has a greater degree of extensibility in the ki of development of software (SDK), which allows to major personalization level, gadgets, accessories, extensions…

Transmission Range: One of the new more important characteristics is the improvement of the remote transmission of means through Internet so that each user can practically accede to his archives multimedia from any place.

Page of Remote Access: Windows Home Server 2011 will allow him to personalize the predetermined image, logo of the website and to even add bonds to other websites in the main page.

HomeGroup Support: HomeGroup is a characteristic of Windows 7 that simplifies the process to share archives and printers in a domestic network, now Windows Home Server 2011 will facilitate the centralization to him of a place where it will be able to store all documents, archives and content multimedia.

Streaming Support: Windows Home Server 2011 has a ampler range of codec which will allow him to transmit more containing than the previous version. If the content is not reproducible in a device, the main servant will be in charge to codify the archives of audio and video to different compatible formats. To Read more�

It Activates the voice recognition of Windos 7

Windows 7 incorporates a very valuable utility with which we will be able to control our system so that it conducts almost all the own battles of a keyboard and a mouse but by means of the voice.

The only thing that we needed is to have connected some microphones to the equipment already are:

* Microphone with earpieces; It takes It in the head and is adapted for the voice recognition.
* Microphone; These microphones lean in the writing-desk.
* Others; Like microphones of matrix and microphones incorporated in other devices.

1. Click in Beginning - > All the programs - > Accessory - > Accessibility - > Voice Recognition of Windows
2. Will be opened to us to the information tool giving us something on the possibility that offers, you click in Following.
3. In the following page we will choose our type of Microphone, next the tool will ask to us that we read aloud and of natural form a marked phrase to be able to fit the volume of the Microphone.

Aid, technical support and remote assistance of Windows 7

Microsoft Windows is it jeopardize to give the best technical support to its products, or in the forums of Microsoft TechNet, MSDN, Microsoft Answer, Windows Live Help, or by means of the technical support by several routes (online, chat, telephone) where the professionals of Microsoft will solve all doubts.

But they are not you are the only forms to find the solution to your problems of the Microsoft Windows products

In our writing-desk of Windows 7 we can find two fantastic resources that will help to find the solution us that as much we longed for, I am speaking of the aid/technical support and the remote assistance of Windows.

Aid and technical Support: Click in Beginning - > All the programs - > Maintenance - > Aid and technical support.

1. A window in the writing-desk will be opened to us that incopora a space search to find our problem.

2. Once we have found for solution to the problem, in the part of underneath the same window we will observe the message�Was to Him useful this information� and we will choose one of the three options.

3. In the window of Aid and technical support we will go to Options - > Configuration, and will click in the squares “To Participate in the program of improvement of Aid “and “To Improve the results of the search “Of Reading more�

Welcomes to Explore Windows Blog!

Hello to tod@s! I Want to give you to the welcome new creation� Explores Windows�, a blog in which I will show the new features to you of the main Microsoft Windows products by means of tutorial, articles of technical support, events, chats, tricks and tracks, promotions/contests that will count on the support of the equipment Microsoft Windows Spain…  In Addition I have created a special section of consultations where you will be able to find all the information on me, and to send to me all to your doubts, questions, suggestions and everything what it is happened to you and that it has not been solved in the Blog.

Note: If you find some bug in site does not doubt in also reporting it in the section of consultations!  To Read more�

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