It Solves to the errors when updating your Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has developed a tool with the aim of solving to the errors and problems that the so awaited update of spring (Node) for Windows Phone 7 is generating.

In particular this tool will solve the error codes (800705B4 and 80180080), follows these steps to use it correctly:

1. It Disconnects the USB cable from the device
2. It Unloads the tool of Microsoft Support from the center of unloadings of Microsoft, the tool is available as much in x86 as in x64
3. It Completes the passages of installation of the WPSupportTool (you must have installed the software of Zune in your equipment to be able to complete the installation), next executes it.
4. It Presses the feeding button 5 seconds until the device goes out - > Presiona the button of feeding to initiate the devices - > Just when the device activates and vibrates, mantén pressed the button of the camera until it appears the message in screen To Connect to the PC.
5. It Connects the device by means of the USB cable to your equipment (the software of Zune will begin automatically) - > Once begins the software of Zune you will have to close it while you use the support tool - > In this same tool presses the Recover button
6. Next an update will settle that solves the errors of the automatic device - > When it appears the message has updated the device you will have to close the support tool and to disconnect the device of your equipment.
7. Finally it returns to connect the dispotivo to the equipment and installs the update of spring (Node) by means of the software of Zune.

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