It Discovers the new features of Phone Windows Handle RTM

The final version (RTM) Build 7.10.7720.500 is being settled in the new devices and being testeada by the operators at the moment so that it arrives at the hands of the consumers at the beginning of September :P

From its presentation the past 24 of May in an event VIP for professionals and journalists, Phone Windows Handle has become the true revolution that needed Windows Phone 7, with his more than 500 improvements Phone Windows Handle no longer is only a simple update but a new version of the gratuitous operating system for all the users of Windows Phone 7.

Next we are going to discover the main new features that this new version of Phone Windows incorporates:

Improvements in the communications: Phone Windows Handle allows us to connect to us and to share all our activities in different social networks with our contacts through multiple routes. To Read more�

He Discovers new the Microsoft Touch exclusive Mouse for Windows 7

This week (Wednesday 10 of Julio exactly) the Microsoft Touch Mouse will be sent of general form new, from its presentation in the past CES2011 this new mouse created by the equipment of Microsoft Hardware in direct collaboration with Microsoft Research has caused sensation and not only by its thin, elegant and comfortable design.

Exclusively Optimized for the PCs with Windows 7 this new mouse it simplifies and it accelerates more the common tasks of the PC through a tact truly intuitive.

The surface multitouch including in the new series of mice of Microsoft consists of a matrix of tactile electrodes able to generate 11 different movements. To Read more�

Information for developer of Windows Live

Microsoft is very proud of all the developers that use their time and effort in products of Windows Live Essentials (Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and Writer) for that reason the equipment of the Windows Live platform contributes more information to us on the process of developed shipment of plug-ins.

First that we must do once we have reviewed this documentation and is to send an email to with the following information:

* Complete Name of the author
* Direction email of contact of the author To Read more�

Anchor the wastebasket of recycling in the bar of tasks of Windows 7

I Am sure that to the majority of you you take advantage of to the maximum the benefits the bar of tasks of Windows 7 and anchor in her your favorite programs as much as websites from Internet Explorer 9, and like I am safe of it also I know that the majority of you you want to eliminate the wastebasket of recycling of the writing-desk and power to anchor to the bar of tasks of Windows 7, for that reason I am going to you to share this solution.

Note: On the contrary that the majority of sites which they have treated this subject, I am going to teach to you to directly anchor the recycling wastebasket in the bar of tasks and not in the bar of fast beginning that incorporates the bar of tasks.

Well, first that we must do it is right click in any empty section of the writing-desk - > click in New - > direct Acceso

We Write this new route: %SystemRoot% \ explorer.exe shell: RecycleBinFolder and we click Following in Reading more�

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